Everybody’s so different, I haven’t changed

If we accept that we can like something that we hated when we were young, or vice versa, then we can know for certain that there is something to us beyond our likes and dislikes, our circumstance—otherwise, we would, quite literally be a different person. This is what we want to hug into.

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Opening to Grace

I never thought I could remember people’s names. In order to avoid embarassment, I avoided people. One day I found myself in a position where I discovered that it was possible for me to do it.

Possibility begins when we open up to it. It doesn’t mean it will be easy, or we will always be successful, but until we allow it an opportunity to manifest, nothing will never happen.

Congratulations on being in a spot where enormous possibility lies before you.

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I’ve journeyed through the desert of the mind

Yoga is a tool for creating connections. It invites us to cultivate them, engage with them, refine them, and enjoy them without being defined by them.

On the mat, we become more connected to our body, to it’s triumphs and failures, to our expectations and our reality, and we work to observe and enjoy, but not see ourselves as limited to them.

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